Every Minute on the Minute.


Front Squats

2 x 5 @  45lb
2 x 5 @  95lb
2 x 3 @ 135lb
1 x 3 @ 165lb
1 x 3 @ 185lb
2 x 3 @ 215lb
2 x 3 @ 225lb


E3MOM (every 3 minutes on the minute)

21 Sit-ups
15 Slamballs 50lb
9 Slamball Squat Jumps 50lb
7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Deadlift Ladder (Increase Weight)

example: 7 x 225lb, 6 x 255lb, 5 x 275lb, 4 x 295lb, 3 x 315lb, 2 x 345lb, 1 x 365lb


A pure cardio day. We got off the barbells for a day to allow for recovery.

Death By Cardio

EMOM (Every minute on the minute)

10cals to 20cals  (increment by a calorie per round)

  1. Assualt Bike
  2. Air Runner
  3. Rower
  4. Rest

As an example, the first round will be 10 calories on the bike, 10 calories on the runner, 10cals on the rower, and 1 minute of rest. If you reach the 10 calorie threshold before the minute is up, congratulations, you get a few seconds of extra rest.

After the minute of rest, you will repeat, but at an 11 calorie threshold. Continuing adding a calorie until you cannot reach the threshold on the machine. Once this happens back down to a pace you can complete in 45 to 50 seconds and finish out the 11 rounds.