A set of precepts guides a life of freedom; a good life, a life well lived.

Below is the set of principles we use to guide our decisions at Innis McMahon.

Innis’s Precepts

  • I will prepare and plan wisely to protect my most important asset, time.
  • I will error on the side of action rather than being overly analytical: application trumps theory.
  • I will own the outcomes of my actions and the activities of my team and family. (Extreme Ownership).
  • I will be honest, clear, and concise when communicating to optimize the chance of success.
  • I will seek to improve myself, my family, or my community through participation every day.
  • I will challenge the status quo and persevere through difficulties with an extraordinary effort. I will never give up.
  • I will be committed to my family so that I can provide and enjoy peace, harmony, security, and stability.
  • I will seek out adventure, excitement, new experiences, challenges, and opportunities to learn because these things are invigorating.
  • I will perform physical exercise, quiet meditation, and study because they are critical to a healthy mind, body, and spirit.
  • I will practice self-control, self-discipline, and strive for financial independence so that I can experience a high level of Freedom of Choice.
  • I will be faithful to my moral precepts, practice extreme honesty with myself, honor just laws, and battle against injustices so that I can enjoy the fruits of a Free Conscience.
  • I will strive to be a mentor by my actions.
  • I will set myself straight immediately when I realize I have fallen away from these principles.