Table of Contents1 Life-Purpose Development Process1.1 1st – Get to Know Yourself1.1.1 Personality Test1.1.2 Strength Finder1.1.3 How I found CliftonStrengths1.2 2nd – Define your passions and values1.2.1 Passions1.2.2 Values and Roles For your Life’s Purpose1.3 3rd – Reflection and Life-Purpose Statement Development1.3.1 Examples of My Statements1.3.2 How My Life-Purpose Statement was Flawed1.3.3 A Warning For…


Table of Contents1 What is a Fitness Community?2 What are the Benefits of a Fitness Community?2.1 Accountability2.2 Diversity2.3 Shared Knowledge2.4 Friendships3 How to Find a Fitness Community?3.1 At the Gym3.2 Group Fitness Class3.3 Online4 How to Build a Fitness Community?4.1 Find a Few Like-minded People4.2 Establish a Pattern4.3 Be Open to Change 5 Wrapping Up I…


Prioritize your fitness to find greater enjoyment in your life. Many of us like to use the lack of time as an excuse when it actually is a matter of priority.


Have you ever had a feeling of being lost as you wondered through your day? You wake up, get dressed, make breakfast, and walk out the door to go to work. The day starts the same as any other, and it goes nowhere different fast!

If so, define a life purpose and start to enjoy life.


Table of Contents1 Why I didn’t meet my Goals2 Accidentally Meeting Goals Through Regular Activity3 How is this possible?4 Future Goal Setting Goal Setting, sometimes I wonder if it is an exercise in futility. At the end of last year, I sat down and formulated seven specific goals. They ranged from spiritual goals–pray a decade…


CrossFit is a training method that is built on being consistently varied, but it is not random. It is exceptionally designed to improve functionality of all ages.


Table of Contents1 Advantages of an Assault Bike2 Assault Bike Workouts2.1 Long Cardio2.2 Short Power Outputs2.3 Using the Assault Bike for Active Recovery2.4 Mixin3 Assault Bike Workout Strategies3.1 50 Cal For Time4 Update on 50 Cal Challenge – New Record!4.1 How did an oversized 48-year-old make it happen?4.2 10-Minute Max Calories4.3 Low-Calorie Mixins5 Assault Bike…


How do we bring physicality to an increasingly artificial world?  Here’s something important to understand: we have successfully removed ourselves from the Animal Kingdom. We are no longer in the food chain unless a lion escapes from the Cincinnati Zoo, or a house kitty precisely strikes the jugular. In the wild, physicality matters. If I…


We often say we do not have enough time to exercise, but we have 48 hours a week available to us. What are we doing with it?


Quality of life is dependent on how fit you are, and it is never too late to start working on your level of fitness.


The ability produce power demonstrates your fitness level.