Power Production a Sign of Fitness

Jacob Demonstrating Power Production on Assault Bike
The author demonstrating power production on an Assault Bike
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Published on: August 8th, 2019
Updated on: November 28th, 2023
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I’ve got the power

Rower, Assault Bike, Ski Erg, Air Runner – Human Power

Consider calorie workouts on the rower, assault bike, or air runner. Keep in mind that calories burned are a product of wattage, a measure of power. The minimalistic beauty is that these pieces require no electricity. You are the machine, and to quote the poet Kid Rock, “You get what you put in, and you get out what you deserve.” Your body is an extraordinary machine. Take pride in your ability to generate your own energy, as opposed to relying on someone or something to do it for you. 

Increased Power Output Show Improved Fitness

The formula for power is (force x distance)/time. Power is equal to intensity, or force per unit of area, volume, or time. This is important because changes in wattage give us a way to measure fitness. If you decrease your 2k row time by 30 seconds, you are applying the same force and distance in a shorter amount of time, meaning the intensity elevated, and your body has adapted to the higher degree of stress. Your heart is getting stronger. 


Producing Your Own Horsepower

746 watts is the equivalent of one horsepower. See if you can generate your own unit of horsepower for a split second on the rower. It’s a pretty cool feeling to produce so much energy. I realize these machines may be new and a bit scary, but if we refuse to be scared, we won’t grow. If it matters to you, you’ll be scared when you try it.

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