Hello, fellow busy-bees and occasional couch potatoes! Here I am, trying to master the intricate dance of juggling work, play, and (thanks to a pesky MCL sprain) recovery. Let’s be real – if juggling


Life has a way of testing our endurance, both mentally and physically. As an individual who has reveled in the world of sports since my school days — from the football fields of high school to the CoRec diamonds at Purdue University — I’ve always considered myself fit and active. My current regimen comprises functional fitness sessions, playing in a 50-and-over baseball league, and participating in the unique world of vintage base ball.


I’ve spent a significant portion of my life on the field, whether it’s baseball, football, or even embracing the rich traditions of Vintage Base Ball. Over the years, I’ve come to understand that the challenges we face in sports often mirror those in other aspects of our lives.


Pushing boundaries and challenging limits has been a constant in my athletic journey. But as I stand on the cusp of 50, I’ve realized that the true strength lies not just in relentless training, but in understanding when to pause. Dive into my insights on the perils of overtraining and the silent power of rest and recovery.


Table of Contents1 Why set annual goals? 2 Why repeat goals?3 What will make this year different?4 What are my goals for the year? 5 Conclusion A new year brings a new set of goals! It has been over a year since I created content for this blog/website! It is disappointing considering publishing regularly and allotting a…


Ever watched someone doing something and thought, “I can’t do that” or “I can’t do that anymore.” Unfortunately, age seems to make “I can’t anymore” a more readily available excuse for not trying. And, before you jump on me about trying to do something that can get you hurt


Joey Votto reaches milestones seldom touched over a MLB career, and he accomplish them all at home. The man who the pundits have written off is still banging in a career resurgence


Let’s just say Rip does not mince words. He says what he means to say. There is no beating around the bush with the man who says, “Strong people are harder to kill than weak people and more useful in general.” So what does he mean when he says, “CrossFit doesn’t have the capacity to program strength increase.”


If you are like me, goals usually mean reaching a specific amount in a set amount of time. In other words, a goal should follow the SMART mnemonic–Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. We love expressing our objectives in this fashion. How many of us start the year by saying we will lose so much…


At the beginning of the year, I wrote down a goal. It was action-based, yet it was not defined enough to accomplish what I really want. So, I rewrote it.


When I was an athlete, training had a purpose. I lifted weights so I could hit harder on the football field, and I ran sprints to steal bases or chase down flyballs. Gains were easy to come by, and exercising wasn’t an end in itself. At forty-six, it is different.  Gains are slow if they…


Life has slowed down! Instead of running around the countryside chasing high-school softball games, messing around in the city on the weekends, or squeezing in a Red’s game on a night my daughter doesn’t have an event, we are staying in town and hanging around the house. It’s something right out of the past, and…


The human species is an amazing and resilient organism. Lock us down for our protection against a novel virus, and we will continue to find ways to survive and thrive. Post Malone did just that last night. In the world of modern communication, he provided everyone with a free hour-long Nirvana tribute broadcasted from his…


Last night was undoubtedly the most significant night for sports since the onset of the pandemic. Sports fans, glued to their screens, satiated their thirst for action momentarily as the NFL commissioner announced each NFL teams’ draft picks. I joined them, and I learned a few things as I simultaneously watched the ESPN broadcast on…


I, like many of you, set my yearly fitness goal at the end of last year and started to work on it immediately after New Year’s Day. I made it simple–work out five times a week. No more chasing max lifts, PR’s, or learning a new movement like double unders this year. I wanted to…


Before the beginning of the year, I sat down and figured out my goals for 2020. Just like I said I was going to do in Goal Setting: What happened in 2019, I limited them to three and emphasized action over achievement. I even went as far as to study James Clear’s Atomic Habits to help me overcome…


Table of Contents1 A Mourning Routine Prepares You for the Day2 Build Your Confidence with a Morning Routine3 A Morning Routine Saves Your Limited Reserve of WillPower 3.0.1 Have a Hard Time Getting Out of Bed?4 A Morning Routine Will Help You Accomplish More5 Wrapping Up Typically, our day begins at the time we get out…


Table of Contents1 Get Physical with these Four Daily Habits1.1 Exercise1.2 Hydrate1.3 Sleep1.4 Control Calories2 Four Daily Habits to Improve Your Mental Sharpness2.1 Read2.2 Develop your Core Skills2.3 Have a Discussion2.4 Solve a Problem3 Four Daily Habits to Achieve Financial Freedom3.1 Complete a Task that Pays3.2 Spend Less than You Make3.3 Complete a Task that…


Table of Contents1 1st – Define Potential Careers2 2nd – Create a Purpose Diagram2.1 Four-Quadrant Matrix to Implementing Your Life Purpose2.1.1 That which you love2.1.2 That which the world needs2.1.3 That which you can get paid for2.2 Venn Diagram2.2.1 The Intersections3 Wrapping Up In Life Purpose: Defining Yours Is Important, the first article in the series,…


Table of Contents1 Life-Purpose Development Process1.1 1st – Get to Know Yourself1.1.1 Personality Test1.1.2 Strength Finder1.1.3 How I found CliftonStrengths1.2 2nd – Define your passions and values1.2.1 Passions1.2.2 Values and Roles For your Life’s Purpose1.3 3rd – Reflection and Life-Purpose Statement Development1.3.1 Examples of My Statements1.3.2 How My Life-Purpose Statement was Flawed1.3.3 A Warning For…