Physicality: Bring it Back

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Published on: August 28th, 2019
Updated on: August 15th, 2021
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How do we bring physicality to an increasingly artificial world? 

Here’s something important to understand: we have successfully removed ourselves from the Animal Kingdom. We are no longer in the food chain unless a lion escapes from the Cincinnati Zoo, or a house kitty precisely strikes the jugular. In the wild, physicality matters. If I can’t hunt or keep up with the pack, I’m going to starve or become a savory dish for a special something. In the wild, because of this survival of the fittest mentality, animals must stay physically fit across their lifespan, until a rapid decline just before moving to the next dimension.

It has become routine in modern society to see people experience years of long, slow decline before they die, but that is not natural. Consider your average desk jockey (myself included on payroll and budget days). We sit in a chair with rounded shoulders for the majority of daylight, and even if we carve out an hour for moving, it’s still only 4.2 percent of the day (60 /1,440 minutes)

Move. Take the stairs. Do squat cleans on your lunch break. Swipe that office chair and carve out 20 dips every hour on the hour. Rake your leaves for time. Pick up your kids (not just toddlers) and rough them up a bit (in a loving way). Disrupt homeostasis however you can. 

With this perspective in mind; hopefully, it makes sense to you, that it’s natural for us to achieve high levels of strength and maintain it into our final days.

Bring that physicality back. The evolution of humanity is counting on you.

One way you can bring physicality back into your life is to follow our daily physical training routines.

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