What I Learned Last Night From the 2020 NFL Draft

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Published on: April 24th, 2020
Updated on: April 25th, 2020
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Last night was undoubtedly the most significant night for sports since the onset of the pandemic. Sports fans, glued to their screens, satiated their thirst for action momentarily as the NFL commissioner announced each NFL teams’ draft picks. I joined them, and I learned a few things as I simultaneously watched the ESPN broadcast on TV and the Pat McAfee and AJ Hawk draft show on my phone.

Faces Tell a Story

Before I began, I want to say I feel for the kids and their families involved in the first round. I imagine, for many of them, yesterday was the most important day of their young lives, and unfortunately, they experienced the draft as no player has ever done before. So, what I am about to say might be a result of having cameras invade their homes and not being able to partake in typical draft festivities. But, faces do tell a story, and from those stories, I formed an opinion on each of those players.

First, there was a set of players that looked smug. They shone in their cockiness, and Henry Ruggs III was the leader of the pack. The Raiders took Ruggs as the 12th pick in the first round, and he immediately donned a white robe. I thought of Terrel Owens or Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson. His action gave me the impression he is going to be the leagues next ‘look at me’ guy. I later learned, from the Pat McAfee and AJ Hawk show, the robe was an endorsement deal for Old Spice. Still doesn’t change my perception, though! I guess the Raiders are a good match.

Next, there was a set of guys and their crew who did not look happy, who seemed to want nothing to do with it, and who gave off a sense of entitlement. CeeDee Lamb, a wideout for Oklahoma, was the leader of this group. I get the impression he was not happy falling to the 17th pick. My first thought was of Pac-Man Jones. This guy seems like he is going to have some off the field issues. I do have to say there was a moment of joy and hugs in the house when ESPN put him back on camera. I hope I am wrong! I know nothing of this guy except what was picked up by the camera last night. 

Finally, there was a group of humbled players who broke down and started to weep when they were selected. They seemed to be shocked at being chosen. Many of them buried their head on their mother’s shoulders. After all, it was their mothers who took care of them, and now they get to return the favor and take care of their mothers. Cesar Ruiz, a center from Michigan and selected by New Orleans, fits this mold. After his reaction, I felt this guy is going to make a splash. I am sure we will seldom hear about him, but Drew Brees will be showering him in gifts. 

The Packers are Crazy

The Packers are insane! I am not sure why they felt they needed to trade up in the draft to take Jordan Love, a quarterback from Utah State. Did they forget they have one of the best quarterbacks of all time in Aaron Rodgers, who took them to the NFC Championship game last year? 

Here’s the funny thing. Rodgers, on the Pat McAfee and AJ Hawk show, was asking for a skilled player to help him out. I don’t think he meant his replacement! Deja Vu. By the way, Love is the first skill player the Packers have picked in the first round since Rodgers. 

TV as We Know It is Changing

I will keep this one brief. Youtube personalities are taking over. I would much rather spend 4 hours watching guys that make me feel like I am hanging out with my buddies, than watching a finely tuned broadcast on a national network. 

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