Post Malone Does Nirvana and I’m Still Living Out My Grunge!

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Published on: April 25th, 2020
Updated on: August 15th, 2021
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The human species is an amazing and resilient organism. Lock us down for our protection against a novel virus, and we will continue to find ways to survive and thrive.

Post Malone did just that last night. In the world of modern communication, he provided everyone with a free hour-long Nirvana tribute broadcasted from his basement on his Youtube channel. That couldn’t have happened in the ’90s when grunge ruled the world. Thank God for my generation’s apathetic attitude towards authority and hardworking-entrepreneurial spirit that grew the interwebs and created platforms like Youtube and Netflix that relieve the tediousness of social isolation. Were we put on earth for this moment? Perhaps! 

Rein it in X’er and get back to Postie, as we like to call him in my house. When I first heard about the concert, I wondered if he could pull it off. Nirvana, like Zepplin, is not an easy band to cover. Us Xer’s have a lot of expectations when it comes to delivering Cobain, and we don’t like it when someone butchers the sound that defines who we are. So, could the 24-year old, borderline Millennial, pull off one of the most prolific bands of a prior generation?

Here it is so you can decide on your own. (There is a lot of expletives, so don’t listen if you have a soft ear.)

I say, without a doubt, he did, and I am glad he kept the grunge sound pure. He kept it to the punk and heavy metals roots that gave the music its birth three decades ago. So, congratulations Postie on pulling it off, and raising over $2 million for COVID-19 relief. 

And for me, I will continue to live in my grunge with my flannels and amaze my daughter and her Z’er friends with my appreciation for Post Malone and his musical talents (even though he cusses a lot). I must be getting old!

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  1. Mark S. says:

    Well done and well. As the dad of a 13 year old obsessed with Post Malone I’ve come to appreciate that he really is a cross- over talent.

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