Joey Votto and the Reds: A Fan’s Perspective on an Uncertain Future

Joey Votto preparing at first base prior to the start of the game.
Joey Votto, seen here at his familiar post on first base, readies himself for the first inning.
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Published on: November 4th, 2023
Updated on: November 11th, 2023
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As the fall colors signal baseball’s offseason, the Cincinnati Reds’ decision to decline Joey Votto’s contract option for 2024 stirs a mix of emotions for this lifelong fan. For nearly two decades, Votto has been a constant in the Queen City, embodying the Reds’ spirit with a blend of poise, power, and a knack for getting on base that has etched his name in the annals of baseball lore.

The news, broken by The Athletic, reverberated through Reds Nation, signaling an end of an era. Votto, a tenacious competitor whose love for the game resonates with my own, now faces free agency. Yet, the first baseman’s resolve remains unwavering, as he eyes a return to a full-time role—something the Reds, amid their strategic shuffling, seem unable to promise.

As a Reds enthusiast who has cheered from the stands and bled Cincinnati red from afar, I understand the crossroads at which the organization stands. Baseball, at its core, is a game of progress and future planning. With an array of emerging talent waiting in the wings, the Reds must judiciously manage resources and opportunities to maintain competitiveness in the challenging National League landscape.

However, the heart of the fan yearns to see Votto, the Reds’ stalwart, take his familiar place at first base, his number 19 jersey a fixture of reliability and excellence. I, too, wear my allegiances proudly, albeit sometimes with a mix of teams in my wardrobe, as I witnessed firsthand when Votto crushed his 300th home run—a moment etched in my memory.

Votto’s 2021 season was a renaissance, a stirring reminder of his prowess. With each swing, he seemed to defy the subtle hints of time, compiling statistics that whispered “Cooperstown” with the subtlety of a ballpark cheer. As much as I respect the Reds’ direction, part of me aches to see Votto wield his bat in a season mirroring the brilliance of that year—another chapter that could seal his fate as a Hall of Famer.

I hope for a fairytale outcome where Votto finds a franchise valuing his veteran expertise and his daily display of diamond artistry. May there be another season of Votto rounding the bases, defying critics, and decorating his storied career with the kind of statistics that don’t just recount a player’s worth but shout it from the rooftops.

Baseball is a game woven into the fabric of our lives, with each thread representing a player, a game, a season. Joey Votto is a significant part of that tapestry, one that deserves to be hung with reverence. I wish for nothing less than a team willing to stitch his legacy with the respect and full-time role he richly deserves.

I’ll keep an eye on the offseason, hoping Votto finds a new team that shares his vision. For Joey Votto and fans alike, may the next season be one of triumph, solidifying a spot among the game’s immortals. Here’s to finding that perfect fit, on and off the field. To Joey: may your next season be your best yet, and may your path to Cooperstown be clear and undeniable. Huzzah!

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