AMRAP: Benefits of As Many Reps As Possible Training

An AMRAP Workout Designed on a White Board
An AMRAP workout designed for a group fitness class.
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Published on: July 31st, 2019
Updated on: November 2nd, 2021
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AMRAP, as many reps as possible, is a training structure where you push as hard as you can to achieve the maximum number of reps in a specific time domain. AMRAPs allow for a variety of programming opportunities in regards to different time domains, rep counts, and exercise movements.

When done correctly, an AMRAP will leave you out of breath and burning a ton of fat, but if you lack motivation, it is easy to sandbag the workout.

Benefits of an AMRAP

The common element of all AMRAPs is time. Exercise movements, equipment used, the clothes that you wear, or the place where you are working out are irrelevant in an AMRAP. Setting a time and performing as much work as possible in that amount of time is the only important thing. This flexibility gives AMRAPs several benefits over other workout structures.

AMRAPs Can Be Done Anywhere With or Without Equipment

As I mentioned above, the place or the equipment is irrelevant for an AMRAP. You can design an AMRAP with barbells, cardio equipment, bodyweight movements, dumbbells, kettlebells, or practically anything you can lift, move, jump over or on, or run around. You can do them at home, at the track, in the gym, or your yard. The only thing you need is a watch.

Suitable for All Fitness Levels

If you are a technical Olympic weightlifter, then you can attempt as many reps of cleans in a minute, or if you are beginning your fitness journey, do 10 minutes of ten air squats and ten pushups for as many rounds as you can. AMRAPs are an excellent starting structure for the beginner or a way for an expert to practice specific movements.

AMRAPs are Easy to Modify — Increase the Work-to-Rest Ratio.

Since they can be flexibly programmed, time is not a limiting factor in scheduling an AMRAP. If you are short on time, program a high-intensity interval training style session with small work-to-rest ratios. If time is not a factor, you can program several different exercises into a single round, and attempt to achieve as many rounds as possible in a more extended time domain.

AMRAPs Help Burn Fat

Attempting to get as many reps as possible is very intense, and this intensity increases excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), which in returns burns more calories and fat.

Excellent for Monitoring Progression

You can monitor your progression by repeating workouts. If you increase your rep total than you know you are improving, or if you drop off a few reps, you know you have some work to do.

Caution: Don’t Be Lazy–A Downside to AMRAPs

Without motivation, AMRAPs allows you the opportunity to put forth less than maximal effort. When you are tired, breathing hard, and your muscles are sore, it is easy to slow down. The best way to fight this urge is to set a rep goal before the workout. Base this target on a previous score, or if it is a new workout, it can be arbitrary. Whatever the case, pick a number and try to stick to it!

Different Kinds of AMRAPs

Since AMRAPs are flexible, they are a great way to train various energy systems by changing the time domain and exercises performed.

Short and Intense

Train the alactic system (power and explosiveness) with short duration and high-intensity efforts.

Example Workout

5 Rounds
30 second Work with 2 Minutes Rest Between

Max calorie on Assault Bike

This work out is a series of 30 Second AMRAPS

Medium and Intense

With a medium duration of work, we will be training the body to cope with the effects of lactic acid.

Example Workout

3 Rounds
3 minutes on with 2 minutes of rest between rounds

10 Burpee Box Jump Overs
15 Wall Ball Shots
20 Kettle Bell Swings

Repeat until the 3 minutes expires.

Long Duration

A long and intense workout will improve your aerobic endurance while testing your moxie.

Example Workout

20 minutes

20 calories on a C2 Rower
25 Wall Ball Shots

Repeat until the 20 minutes expires.

Wrapping Up

Just like its cousin, the EMOM, AMRAPs are an effective way of designing a workout. Since they are flexible, you can program them in all types of situations. They are good for bodyweight workouts and can be performed in a gym setting or at home. Remember to set a rep goal prior to the workouts, so you do not become lazy and sandbag the rounds.

Find more example workouts in our AMRAP pages.

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