Cross Training

15 pulls on the rower to see how far you can get.

A little secret is to set the damper to 1 and allow the flywheel to spin until the counter stop recording meters.

10 air squats as close to the wall as possible to work on mobility. (If you can put your toes against the wall and get full range squat motion, congratulations!)


30 L-Sit  Pull-Ups (increment as needed)

Partner up

10 rounds each of  (you go, I go)

5 deadlifts @ 225lb
5 Lateral over the bar burpees
5 slamball  w/ 50lb ball

And complete 5 rope climbs each throughout the workout.

Try to get outside and enjoy the sun.

10 rounds

1 x 400m Run

w/ 2 rounds of
5  Pull-ups
10  Push-ups
15  Air Squats


A pure cardio day. We got off the barbells for a day to allow for recovery.

Death By Cardio

EMOM (Every minute on the minute)

10cals to 20cals  (increment by a calorie per round)

  1. Assualt Bike
  2. Air Runner
  3. Rower
  4. Rest

As an example, the first round will be 10 calories on the bike, 10 calories on the runner, 10cals on the rower, and 1 minute of rest. If you reach the 10 calorie threshold before the minute is up, congratulations, you get a few seconds of extra rest.

After the minute of rest, you will repeat, but at an 11 calorie threshold. Continuing adding a calorie until you cannot reach the threshold on the machine. Once this happens back down to a pace you can complete in 45 to 50 seconds and finish out the 11 rounds.

Push Press (or shoulder to overhead)

1 x 2 @ 50%
1 x 2 @ 60@
1 x 2 @ 75%
5 x 2 @ 90%

10 minutes work to a single heavy clean

Team up with 1 or 2 other people. Rotate through until you reach a combined 100 cal on the assault bike.

20  wallball  20lb
20  Russian KB Swings 70lb
20 cal  Assault Bike

This routine combines strength training with a little cardio.

5 rounds 

3 x heavy slamball lifts to the top of 60″ box stack.   150lb ball
3 x Goblet Squat with a 120lb dumbbell

3 rounds for time

20 cal row or assault bike
20 over the box burpees
20 toes to bar