Finding Resilience Amidst Injury: My Journey of Recovery

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Published on: October 11th, 2023
Updated on: October 17th, 2023
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Life has a way of testing our endurance, both mentally and physically. As an individual who has reveled in the world of sports since my school days — from the football fields of high school to the CoRec diamonds at Purdue University — I’ve always considered myself fit and active. My current regimen comprises functional fitness sessions, playing in a 50-and-over baseball league, and participating in the unique world of vintage base ball. It’s a passion and lifestyle that I’ve ardently pursued to stay sharp. 

But, as every athlete or fitness enthusiast knows, injuries are part and parcel of our journey. I faced a significant setback earlier this year. In June, while playing baseball, I sprained my MCL. I tried to push through, but by late September, it was evident I had aggravated the injury. I resorted to Advil for relief, but that introduced another challenge: lower back pain, which I believe resulted from modifications to my gait to protect my injured knee.

Facing a  moment of truth. I had to make a conscious choice — to embark on a dedicated path to recovery without relying solely on medications. As challenging as it will be, I decided to grant myself an eight-week hiatus from my strenuous routines, sidelining my CrossFit sessions and cherished G-League basketball games.

If you’re experiencing something similar, I want to share the roadmap I crafted for my recovery:

  • Professional Guidance: I cannot stress this enough. Seek out a physical therapist or expert in the field. Tailored exercises and expert advice are instrumental to the recovery process.
  • Nutritional Shifts: I’m overhauling my diet. I’m going to lean heavily into anti-inflammatory foods, incorporating more turmeric, ginger, berries, and fatty fish. The foods we eat can significantly aid our healing journey.
  • Staying Active (Sensibly): Just because I’m on a break doesn’t mean I can be sedentary. I shifted to lower-impact exercises, ensuring my body remained in motion without further aggravating my injury.
  • Mindfulness: This journey will teach me the importance of mental well-being. It’s difficult to make a change, so through patience and mindfulness,  I’m going to find the strength to cope with the temporary limitations.
  • Seeking Support: From wearing a knee brace to leaning on the crew at Innis.Fit, I will survive this setback. Remember, there’s strength in community.

Writing this, I realize my story mirrors countless others. Injuries and setbacks are inevitable. But with 

the right perspective, every setback is merely a setup for a bigger comeback. My journey has been challenging, yet rewarding, reinforcing my belief that with patience, perseverance, and the right support system, we can overcome any obstacle.

I share my story with you not as a tale of woe, but as a testament to resilience. So, to all those facing challenges, remember: Embrace the journey, trust the process, and never hesitate to lean on your community for support. 

Here’s to turning every challenge into an opportunity. 

Welcome to the world of holistic well-being!

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