Open Discussion and Comment Policy

We all have been places or been part of online forums where a discussion turns into a silly argument followed by name calling, especially in a room full of men. We at Innis McMahon are in pursuit to elevate our character, so we desire feedback, constructive criticism, and intelligent debate, but opinions (especially vulgar) or attacks on character do not add value, and we will exclude them from the site.

You must use a real name (not a website) and a real email address to partake in discussions. Accountability for our actions is an admirable trait.

As a private website, we hold the privilege of being the final arbiters of whose and which comments meet our standards; and therefore, displayed for viewing.

We look forward to your civil and intelligent discussions contributing to the ideas of the post, to the site at large, and to our quest to become better men.


Thank you

Innis McMahon