Spinach and Egg Drop Soup

This keto friendly soup helps replenish sodium lost during a low carb diet while providing enough fat and protein to keep you in ketosis. 


This recipe is a slight twist to the preparation of the ham and eggs in my typical breakfast. Ingredients 2-eggs splash of whole milk 1oz – grated cheddar cheese 2 – 1oz ham slices 100g – spinach 1 – medium onion Preparation mix the eggs in a bowl and add black pepper to taste set toaster-oven to…


This Tart Cherry Strawberry Protein Smoothie is an excellent 3-block post-workout snack. It contains a higher concentration of carbs, than most 3-block meals, to ignite the insulin process that fights exercised induced cortisol (stress) levels, and the proteins assist in repairing the muscles used during the workout, while the tart cherry juice combats inflammation. Ingredients Whole…


The almond cinnamon protein pudding is a great mid-morning to a mid-afternoon snack. It curbs the appetite and provides enough fuel to get through an afternoon workout. Ingredients  Dannon’s Vanilla Triple Zero Greek Yogurt  – 125g Protein Powder – 26g Almond Butter – 17g Cinnamon Powder – add to taste Directions Mix yogurt, protein powder, almond butter,…