A row of assault bikes

Anyone who has an interest in CrossFit®, no matter how deep, knows the amount of pain and suffering Assault Fitness’s Assault Airbike, aka Assault Bike, produces. The suffering felt on the bike has lead to athletes calling the equipment the Devil’s Tricycle. It’s no wonder everyone who jumps on the bike wants to have a…


How do we bring physicality to an increasingly artificial world?  Here’s something important to understand: we have successfully removed ourselves from the Animal Kingdom. We are no longer in the food chain unless a lion escapes from the Cincinnati Zoo, or a house kitty precisely strikes the jugular. In the wild, physicality matters. If I…


We often say we do not have enough time to exercise, but we have 48 hours a week available to us. What are we doing with it?


Quality of life is dependent on how fit you are, and it is never too late to start working on your level of fitness.

Jacob Demonstrating Power Production on Assault Bike

The ability produce power demonstrates your fitness level.